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Ethereum: A Novel and Exciting Global Crypto Currency Platform

In the recent years buying and selling of Ethereum in Nigeria has made it a valuable crypto currency. The Ethereum network can be run without the need of human intervention the crypto currency can be used to make payments. The block chain technology contains all the transactions made from the very beginning.

What is Ethereum?

As a new public computing platform, Ethereum uses a decentralized application to enable secure financial exchanges and trade as well as other contracts and agreements. Several intermediary services such as voting systems or title registries that are centralized can be decentralized to serve a specific purpose. Ethereum is used to build a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization that run on a collection of codes. The codes replace the traditional structures of an organizations in the form of regulations or people. It is then equally owned by everyone who buys tokens which also translates into voting rights. The Ethereum platform can affect industries and services in a very large way by using a specific programming language that can cater to various applications. Though still very new, the future of Ethereum is definitely bright.

Benefits of Ethereum

Ethereum blockchain network cannot be tampered with by a third party or an outsider, making the platform entirely safe and free of corruption. The network is secured using cryptography which prevents hacking and fraud. Ethereum apps never go off which makes it highly efficient and convenient. To buy and sell Ethereum in Nigeria you need to follow just three steps. Download an Ethereum wallet app to hold your Ether. The wallets can be hardware wallets that are extremely secure but need to be purchased or the Electrum Software wallets or those who are just starting out and are free. Since they are connected to the Internet these software wallets are more prone to hacking. Once the Ether has been bought make sure that it is securely stored in your wallet and not on the exchange. Ethereum also offers a lot more availability of coins since it does not have a maximum supply limit. This platform is fast becoming a popular medium to gain exposure and raise funds. The donations made are secure and the platform ensures that no fraudulent activities can prevent the money from going to the right hands. Gain in momentum has made buying and selling Ethereum in Nigeria a faster way to gain profit as compared to Bitcoin.